Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chicago Marathon 2010

First off, I want to thank everyone SOOOO much for the inspiration and the encouragement you gave me prior to my very first marathon!  I want to fill everyone in on the long-drawn out-drama that lead up to it...a few minor things happened Saturday and Sunday morning, but I don't have time now. 

I did want to let everyone know that I completed it with a time of 5:20:01.  Not under 5:00 like I hoped, but finished none the less, and I truly enjoyed it!!!  That was what I wanted...I wanted to look back at this momentous occasion and have happy thoughts about something soooo outrageously cool!  Something that in a million years I would never think I could possibly accomplish...and I did! 

We are the tutu girls!  I am on the far left...with a yellow tutu and bright yellow 26.2 visor!

Can't wait to fill you in on all of the details later this week!



Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chicago Puking Butterflies plus a Runalicious Winner!

Yes, I apologize for not blogging much this past week.  I am gearing up for my very first marathon in Chicago this weekend, and I am utterly, pukifingly, butterfly swarming nervous!!!  I try not to think about it, but then someone else comes up to me and asks me if I am nervous...What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks do you think???  Would you be nervous if you had to go run longer than you have ever had to run...in a different city where you are driving over 5 hrs to get to, with family coming with you to cheer you on, and with a crowd that I know will be amazing, but will make me that much more nervous...would you be nervous if you had to run
26.2 miles?!?!?

Yes freakin way I am nervous!  I'm so nervous it makes me want to cry to think about it.  I have sooo many doubts in my head about this, and it just SUCKS!!!  I want this to be fun, and I want to enjoy this, but I just keep thinking back to my 1/2 marathon in April, where I just knew I was ready, and then because of the nerves, and the excitement around me, and everything else, I blew it...I didn't run like I wanted to, and I doubted myself the whole way.  How the heck can I get over this before Sunday, so I can just relax...take it all in, and enjoy it!  All I want to do is enjoy it....I'm starting to cry as I type this....

So, you can see why I haven't blogged all week...I know everyone has such postive posts out there about all of their goals for their marathon...Goal A, Goal B, Goal C....and I feel I should be just as positive, but on a strong face and set MY goals, but right now, that is not what I want to do....right now I want to get over these stupid nerves and stupid self-doubts and enjoy this!!!  I want this to be an accomplishment I remember forever...but in a positive way!  This may be my only marathon I ever run, and I want it to be something I am proud of.
So, as I take the next day or so to figure out how to overcome all of my issues, I will announce the winner to the Runalicious shirt giveaway. 
This giveaway was one of my best, as far as responses.  It looks like the Runalicious girls should be proud...EVERYONE loves their stuff!  So, if your not the winner, out of the 108 enteries, don't fret...just hurry over to their website and order something...It can be an early Christmas present to yourself!

So, I used Random.org, and out of 108 enteries, it chose #75

Yea for you!!!  Please email me your mailing address, and I will get your shirt out to you soon!

Thank you for everyone who entered...and thank you to the Runalicious girls for hosting such a GREAT giveaway!
I hope to be back...in better spirits...with 26.2 miles under my belt....next week! 


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Runalicious T-Shirt Giveaway

Yes, I mentioned some information about Runalicious a few posts back, and the wonderful girls at Runalicious were nice enough to send me a super cute long sleeved "Runalicious" shirt. I love it! The fabric is super soft and comfy, and it fits really good! I asked for a large, because of the length, and it fits just perfect. They have a whole line of women's wear in short sleeved, long sleeved and tank top options.  They also have options for all of your daughters out there.  How cute!!!

Runalicious was also nice enough to send me a t-shirt to giveaway.  It is a gray "Runalicious" t-shirt with pink writing in a size medium. 
Sooo super cute! 

To Enter:
1. Become a follower of my blog, or let me know you already are.
2. Check out the Runalicious website HERE and tell me what you Love!
3. Become a fan of Runalicious on Facebook HERE
4. Post a comment on the Runalicious facebook page letting them know that you found them from my contest
4. Link this giveaway to your blog, your facebook page, twitter etc, etc, etc

This contest will run through next Thursday morning, October 8th.  I will announce the winner later in the day!  Enter away!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

20 Solo Miles

Yes, I did run 20 solo miles last Saturday...not only was this the longest run I have EVER ran, but it is also by far the most I have ever ran by myself!
I got up around 5am on Saturday to get ready.  I ate my breakfast slowly and felt really good!  I was excited to get going!  I got all "geared" up and stepped outside.  There was a nice chill in the air!  I started up my Garmin....

Well, attempted to start up my Garmin watch...and the darn thing didn't do ANYTHING!  I had charged it overnight, so I knew it wasn't that...It was like it was frozen!  I started panicking...there was no way I wanted to attempt my longest run, BY MYSELF, and without my watch.  I was looking forward to keeping track of my miles with it, and knowing my exact time. 
I ran back inside and found the manuel.  By this time I was almost in tears...I read the manuel, and it told me if it froze up, to hold these two buttons, and it would turn it off and restart it.  I did it...AND IT WORKED!!!  Thank the lord!!!
So, I stepped back outside, stretched and took off! 
Mile 1-4: It was a beautiful morning and I just took those first 4 miles to enjoy running!  It was neat to run by myself for once, and I was able to really relax, enjoy my surroundings and think!  At mile 4 I stopped to walk, drink some water and down a GU.
Mile 4-8: I was still feeling pretty strong!  I did get passed by a really fast guy running...He flew by me!  Again, nothing to eventful happened!  I continued to enjoy my run.  At mile 8 I stopped to walk again and drank some more water and downed another GU.
Mile 9-13.1: I got to mile 9 and then had to run another mile out before I could turn around (I was running the same route we had ran our 18miler...except now I had to run an additional mile out)  This took me into the parking lot of a middle school and I took a path that led me into a subdivision.  I decided to stay straight on that road, so I wouldn't get lost...except I came to an end in the road and I was only at 9.5 miles so I had to turn right or left.  I made a left and kept going...so hoping I wouldn't get lost.  This subdivision was HILLY and I started to get a little tired.  I finally made it to Mile 10, and turned around.  I decided to walk up one of the BIG hills, and once up it, ran again.  I finally made it out of the subdivision and back on my route home!  Yea...over halfway there!  I finished the 13.1 in approx. 2hrs and 20min.  I felt I was going at a fairly good pace even with taking a few short walking breaks.  At mile 13.1 I walked and drank some gaterade and fueled with some energy jelly beans.
Mile 13.1-16: Right around Mile 14 I came to a McDonalds and ran inside and refilled my water bottles and ran to the bathroom.  I continued at a fairly good pace to 16, but I could feel I was starting to slow down.  This was where mentally it was getting difficult!  At mile 16 I stopped again to walk and told myself I could do this...I only had 4 more miles to go!
Mile 16-20: I started up again and told myself if I could run to 18 that I could walk again before I hit the home stretch.  During these two miles I did stop once to stretch my legs on the side of the road.  They were starting to tighten up a bit, and my back was hurting from the continuous motion of my arms.  After I stretched I ran to right around 18.5.  I did walk again, to drink some water...plus there were a million garage sales going on, and the cars were taking up my shoulder, so I had to walk to get around them.  
The last 1.5 miles, I kicked it in gear.  I was tired, hurting a little bit, and my mental attitude was shot.  I was sooo ready to be done!!!  Those last 5-6 miles was when I soooo wish Beck and Kris would have been there to help push me on!  
I came around the corner, and my dad, my husband and my father-in-law where outside working on a swing set for my son's 2nd b-day.  My dad let out a yell, and they cheered as I ran to the driveway...20 FREAKIN MILES DONE...SOLO BABY!!!!

I finished right around 3hrs. 40min.  I was happy with my time...I think I wouldn't have stopped quite as much had Kris and Beck been there, but I was still happy to have done it!
Since then, I actually haven't been nearly as tired or sore as I was from my 18 miles...which is a good thing!
I ran another 5 miles on Tuesday, and last night did a Body Combat class.  I'm feeling good!!!

Only a few more weeks until Chicago....


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stay Tuned.....

Just wanted to let you know that I will be gone from bloggy world until probaby Monday.  I have an out-of-town conference for work...a leadership conference....to go to Thursday and Friday, and then Saturday is my.......
20 Mile Solo Run!

So, stay tuned until next week to hear my recap...I'm sure it will be a doozy!

Until then...run on!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Birthday...or Belated Birthday!!

Yep, this past Saturday was my birthday!!  I turned the big-ole 29!  I have been sick (sore throat, stuffy nose etc) since my 18 mile run, so I was hoping I would feel better by Saturday.  Of course my mom and husband have been pushing me to go to the doctor, but stubborn me just doesn't want to go (even though I work in a hospital and my doctor's office is 2 floors down from where my office is...crazy I know!!)
Anyways, Saturday morning I was scheduled to run a 10 mile run with Beck and Kris.  We were going to meet at 6am to get it in, before the birthday celebration began!
I woke up at 4:45am on Saturday morning and looked at the weather channel...90% chance of rain between 6-8am.  I just didn't know what to do...Did I chance running outside, in the rain with the chance of getting sicker, or do I suck it up and run my 10 miles on the treadmill...Well, I opted for the treadmill!
So, I laid back down in bed until 6:15am (the gym doesn't open until 7am on Saturdays, and I did not want to run on my treadmill in the boring basement)  So, I got up at 6:15, got dressed, ate my whole wheat bagel thin with a little butter and some peanut butter, drank my cup of coffee and some water, and headed to the gym.
Got there right at 7am, and got my two bottles of water, my GU and some fueling jelly beans, and hopped on the treadmill in the media room at Gold's Gym. (If anyone isn't familiar with the media run at Gold's, it is basically a movie theater with treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes in it.  They play different movies throughout the week, and is a great place to go if your worried about people watching you, or if you just need the distraction of a movie to get you through your workout)  So, I hopped on the treadmill and did a warm up walk.  "Liar, Liar" was playing on the screen, so I got to see the very end of it when Jim Carrey is fighting his case, while not being able to lie.
I then began my 10 mile run.  I decided to run 4 miles, and then walk for a few while I did a GU, and then run for another 4 miles, and walk to fuel, and then finish up with only 2 miles to go.
The first 4 miles were OK...I was feeling a little yucky (with the sore throat), but pushed through it.  They did go by really slow.  I was the only one in the media room, so I just watched the movie.
The next 3.5 miles were better (the reason it was 3.5, is that the treadmill shut down on me, and I had to restart it and finish up the last 2.5 miles) 
The last 2.5 miles were really good!  I felt great, was excited that my run was almost over, and that I had my b-day to celebrate that day!  At this point, I had watched all of "Liar, liar", plus the beginning again...a few other people had joined me as well.
I can tell you...anytime I run inside on a treadmill, I sweat like crazy!  I was drenched when I was done.  My shirt was completely soaking, and my hat was all a darker red than it had started out at.  I did feel amazing though!
The rest of the day was spent with family and friends.  We went to a winery...had way to much wine...danced my butt off, and then headed to a piano bar that night where I was on stage...not once, not twice, but 3 times!!!  So fun!
Needless to say, yesterday was spent at home resting and spending time with my little one!

I can tell you this...It was awesome getting my run done Saturday morning..made the rest of the weekend that much sweeter!!!

Here are some pics from the birthday fun!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Runalicious Baby...Plus Your Winner!

First off, I want to thank everyone for such awesome support and encouragement on my 18 mile run!  Yes, it was a good one, but I know there will be more runs that aren't as good, and I will keep your nice comments in the back of my mind when I have to push through those tough runs!
Also, one person mentioned that they are new to training, and was going to use some of my tips in their training.  How cool is that!!!  Thank you to all who follow...It is awesome to have sooo many bloggy friends!!

Now, I was recently introduced to a new company...with T.H.E coolest name...Runalicious
I just had to check them out HERE.  They have a line of women's apparel that is "casual, stylish and yes, a bit flaunting!" 
Here is what Nicole and Marcia have to say about how Runalicious came about:
"Runalicious was born from two women who decided to start running together.  Mile after mile, minute after minute, hour after hour, you learn a lot about another person.  Where we were once just friends, we quickly became great friends, best friends, and each others support systems."
The goal at Runalicious is to help women and young girls show the world around them that they are  passionate and proud about running.
I can tell you, I checked out their site, and their items are really cute!  You have to check it out HERE!

Now, on to the winner of my "Picture Perfect Giveaway"....I want to thank Rachel for hosting such an awesome giveaway!  Whoever wins just has to blog about what they receive from Rachel when they get it.  I can't wait to see what Rachel creates for them!

So...on to the winner....I had 77 entries into the giveaway, and using Random.org, it chose.....

#26: Andrea @ Wife, Mother, Runner

Yea to Andrea...Please send me your email address to: stephanie_walter0409@hotmail.com  I will pass it on to Rachel so you can work with her on designing your frame.  To all of my other followers out there, please check out Rachel's designs HERE, and order something...for yourself, your running friend, as a housewarming gift, or for the holidays. 

I hope everyone has a great "running" day!