Friday, May 28, 2010

P.O.P.U.L.A.R....Are you?

Alright, already....I have finally received the Versatile blogger award...not sure what the heck it means, but I am now the "cool" kid on the block, and not the "loser" who didn't receive any awards, while other bloggers are getting a gazillionmillion of them!!  The wonderful, awesome and totally diva-like Jamie at Running Diva Mom gave me this...She is soooo totally awesome, and I'm not just saying that because she gave me this award (or am I???)
Anyways, I am suppose to list 7 things about myself and then give this to other people to make them feel as cool as me.  I swear, with all of these bloggie awards going around in bloggy land, I almost feel like this is some sort of popularity contest...AND I AM NOW POP!!!  But seriously, where do these things start?  Is this a way to make other bloggers feel insecure and inadequate if they don't receive the award...yes, no, maybe....Anyways, no more need to worry for me...I am now in the popular crowd!! WHOOP, WHOOP!
So, 7 things about me...hmmmm (I just listed 50 things about me not to long ago...can I think of 7 more interesting facts...)
1. I have naturally blue eyes, but for some reason wore turquoise blue colored contacts for over 8yrs.  I finally decided to stop, and now I get tons more compliments on my natural eye color than I did when I wore contacts.
2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to shop!  If I could become a professional shopper, I would.   I always list out things I would buy if someone would give me $1000.  Hopefully someday I will be able to put my lists to good use!
3. I love to wear high heels...the higher the better!  I am already 5'8, but I feel sooo stumpy if I am wearing flats.  My husband is 6'5, so I have nothing to worry about.
4. I love white cheddar rice cakes!
5. I love Sex in the City, and CAN NOT wait until me and my girlfriends go and see SC2.
6. I do love to run, but am nervous to start marathon training over the summer.  I have a feeling the heat is going to kill me!
7.I stress about my weight and my appearance A LOT!  I am always trying new diets/food changes and trying new hair colors, makeup etc.  Lets just say I am a work in progress!!!:)

So, to name some others to take this prestigious, POPULAR award:

Congrats are now one of us!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Making Tracks for the Zoo 5K Race Recap

This past Sunday was the Making Tracks for the Zoo 5K. Both my friends Becki and Kris were going to be running it too! I couldn't wait to get back out there for a "fun" 5K. I told Beck that she was going to be my pacing coach, and our goal was to run 9 minute miles!

Me, Craig and Logan got out to the zoo around 7:15am. It was a gorgeous morning, and I knew that the heat would start rising soon. It was suppose to be around 92ish that day. Becki had picked up my race packet the day before, so I didn't have to worry about that. We made it to the starting area to wait for Beck and Kris.
They both got there around 7:40, and we got to take some pics with the kids. Ryan, Becki's husband had came with Libby, and Kris was going to be pushing Weston in the jogging stroller.

We had heard that this year they had changed up the course a little, and there was going to be some hills (yuck!...last year's was all flat) We said good bye to the guys and kiddos and headed to the starting area. Me and Beck stepped in behind the 9 minute mile sign...Kris had to head to the back, because she was pushing a stroller.
The gun went off, and we were off! We started at a really good pace! The first mile was pretty comfortable, and we clocked it at 8:50ish (under 9 minutes) The second mile is where the hills started...There were two pretty big hills that slowed us down, and later Beck said at one time we were doing around a 10 minute pace up the biggest hill. At the halfway point, they had a water station, so Beck grabbed some water, and we kept going. (I was carrying my handheld) By this time, the sun was beating down on us, and it was really humid! Fortunately this is where we started to see some of the downhills, which was GREAT, and we were hoping to make up some time as we went down.
As we approached mile 3, Beck started "Jillian Michaeling" me, and tell me that when we hit the 3 mile maker, we would book it the last .10 of a mile. She was telling me, you can do this...come on!!!
It was great motivation, and even greater motivation when a lady came up to us and told us that we could do this...she was pregnant, and we couldn't let a pregnant woman beat us:)
So, at the 3 mile marker, we started sprinting to the finish line! I saw Logan and Craig and smiled and waved!! My little cheerers!
I finished the 5K in 27 minutes 46 seconds, with at pace of 8:57. What a great run! I was sooo proud of myself, and glad that Beck was there to push me to the finish!
Kris came by a few minutes later, pushing Weston, and doing an awesome job!

Afterwards, we headed to get our free breakfast that they provided, and went to see the Hippos with the kids!
I had such a fun run, and it was nice to be able to get back out there and compete!

Note:  I am at 60 FOLLOWERS!  Thank you to all of my followers!!! 

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I FEEL FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!

Look what I just found on the Go St. Louis Website(click on the link below; I am the 4th from the left)...It is a picture of me and a few friends that ran the 10K Halloween run last year.  We are the picture they are displaying on the home page of the Go St. Louis website advertising the 10K for this year.  How freakin cool is that!!!
I feel famous!!!!!!!!!!


Yea for 5K!

Last night I attempted a practice run for my 5K race this weekend.  I haven't done much running since my half marathon back in April, and thought I should hit the road and see how I could do on a 5K.  I did a .25 mile warm up walk, and then took off.  The first mile or so, was a little bit slower, because I have realized that I need to start out slower.  It was a beautiful night with a cool breeze.  Before I started out I realized that my I-Pod was dead, so I had to borrow my husbands.  He has the big ole' I-Pod, so that was a little uncomfortable on my arm, but at least I had some tunes to listen to.
At mile 2, I was starting to really feel good.  I picked up the pace a little.  Out of nowhere, a bird hopped out of the grass (when do birds hide in grass, and hop out at you???)  It scared me to death, but I just jumped over the bird and continued on.
I was getting close to home, and still had about another .50 to do before I would be at 3.1, so I ran past my cul-de-sac, and started to really push it to be done.  I was feeling pretty good, but was dripping sweat and was starting to get a little thirsty!  I finished the 3.1 miles at 29.05.  Not my best time, but pretty good knowing that I hadn't done much running in the last month or so.  Here is my breakdown per my Garmin (still working on a name for him/her???)
Mile 1: 9:50
Mile 2: 9:35
Mile 3: 9:20
.1: 1:00
Total: 29.05

I felt good when I got back home!  During my run I had some different thoughts back on my half marathon, and things leading up to my half.  I hope to post this in the next few days.  I hope it doesn't show any negativity, but just some thoughts of the running world from a newbie runner...I think this insight is going to help me in my marathon training to come....STAY TUNED!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wellness Wins Program....And Marathon Training Schedules

Well, this morning was the end of the Wellness Wins Program at my work.  What is Wellness Wins you ask...It is a 16 week program that my work has done for 2 years in a row.  There is criteria you have to follow and testing you have to do, but if you complete everything like you should, you can win up to $200.  Every employee can get $200....Isn't that freakin awesome!!!!:)
I participated in it last year and got the full $200.  This year I was super excited to sign up!
It started in January and ran through today.  Before starting, you have to attend a screening day, where they take your height and weight, you Body Fat %, your BMI, your blood pressure reading, and you have to get a cholesterol and gluose blood draw.
The purpose over the next 16 weeks is to either maintain your weight or your stats, if you are where you want/need to be, or lose weight if you are overweight or your stats are not where they should be.  To do this, some of the things that everyone has to do is.  There is a point system of each criteria.  Each point value equals a dollar amount (example 20 points equals $20)  The total amount of points you can get is 200 points, or $200.
BMI/Body Fat- 20 Points
Your BMI must fall in the range of 18.5-24.9 or in the normal recommended body fat range for his/her age and gender or an employee must lose an average of one pound per week for the duration of the challenge.
Blood Pressure- 15 Points
An employee must have a blood pressure reading with systolic pressure 120 or less and diastolic pressure 80 or less or the employee must reduce his/her blood pressure by 10% during the challenge.
Fitness Exercise Program- 15 Points
An employee must participate in a regular physicial activity, a minimum of three days per week, for at least 30 minutes per day.  This must be loged on the offical challenge log.  This can include walking, cycling, joggin, tennis, basketball, weights, yoga or an exercise class.
Total Cholestoerol- 15 Points
An employee must have a fasting total cholesterol level less than 200mg or an employee must have a total/HDL ratio of 3.5:1 or below.
Blood Glucose Level- 15 Points
An employee must have a fasting glucose level between 70-99mg.
Wellness Activites- 10 Points
An employee must participate in or attend at least four health-related events or preventive screenings during the challenge period.  Proof must be provided.
Tobacco Free- 5 Points
Must be tobacco free during the program.
Current on Mandatory Health Screenings- 5 Points
Must be current on all mandatory hospital health screening tests.

So, needless to say, the past 16 weeks I have been following the program.  Today when I went in to turn in my things, and see how I had done, here is the outcome for me:
Weight: I lost 1lb
BMI Week 1: 23.8
BMI Week 16: 23.3
Body Fat% Week 1: 25.2%
Body Fat% Week 16: 23.5%  (HUGELY PROUD OF)
Blood Pressure Week 1: 112/72
Blood Pressure Week 16: 112/78

Plus I did at least 3 days of workouts throughout the course of the challenge, and I completed my 4 Wellness Wins Activities....1. Half Marathon 2. 5 Mile St. Patty's Day Run 3. Attended a Health Fair at work 4. Had my wellness exam completed.

So.....this means on my next pay check...CHHH-AAA-CHHH-III-NNN-GGG!  $200
It is a really neat program that they do, and I have heard of people losing alot of weight during the program.  I hope it is something they do again next year!!

So, one to my thoughts on marathon training schedules...I will begin my marathon training mid-June.  I am still trying to decide which is the best program to go with.  I would like to do an 18 week program with 3 days of running in it.  Also, I need to figure out how to do the different runs...tempo,speed, track etc.
If anyone can give me any suggestions on programs to follow that have worked for them, along with helping me understand the different runs etc, that would be great!

This weekend I am running my first race since my half...Make Tracks for the Zoo 5K  Wish me luck!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Workout Goals for the Week...Plus Eating Fresh!

Happy Monday to everyone!  I had a great relaxing weekend, but did not have much motivation to work out...Not sure what my deal was.  I was suppose to get up and walk a 5K with my husband and son and a bunch of friends on Saturday morning for the American Heart Association, but because of the crappy weather and rain, we didn't go :(
So, instead of heading to the gym, like I should have, I hung out at home with my boys all day!  That night we made some yummy dinner and an amazing dessert, and rented Brothers.  It was an awesome movie!!!  I recommend it!
Sunday was another chill day, because my husband was suppose to have a softball game at 9am, so we drove the 30 minutes to the game, to then find out it was cancelled.:(
We did stop by my parents house for a little bit, and then headed home to hang out and relax.
I enjoyed the weekend, but I did feel lazy and unmotivated.  I knew I needed to get my butt up early this morning (which I did) and do my 30 Day Shred video (which I did)  This made me feel tons better!

So, to recap my workouts from last week, and my goals for this week:

Monday morning: 30 Day Shred
Monday evening: Body Combat
Tuesday evening: 30 Day Shred
Wednesday: off
Thursday evening: Body Pump
Friday morning: 30 Day Shred

Monday morning: 30 Day Shred (Check)
Monday evening: Body Combat
Tuesday evening: 30 Day Shred and 3 mile run
Wednesday evening: Body Combat and 3 mile run
Thursday morning: 30 Day Shred
Thursday evening: HAIR CUT (YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Friday: off
Saturday morning: 3 mile run and Body Combat
Sunday morning: 5K race at the St. Louis zoo

So, we will see how close I get to these goals...I am also really trying to watch what I eat; not only how much, but if it is fresh food and not processed.  I love reading Bobbi's blog HERE about how she eats, and she is such an inspiration.  I hope to be able to incorporate some of her healthy eating into what I do.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

30 Day Shred

Ok, so I have only done the 30 Day Shred for two days (in a row!!) but, I think I really like it.  I am still on level 1, but I think I will be moving up to level 2 soon.  I really like it!   It is the type of workout that you don't need long to do...only 20 minutes.  Plus, with everyone saying it is SOOO hard, I can do ANYTHING hard for 20 minutes...right!?!

So, I think I will be sticking with this for now.  My abs were SUPER sore this morning, which I always like!  Feel like my when my abs are sore, that I have really been doing something!!!

So, I will see if I get it in tonight...Jillian I come!!!

Has anyone had good results with the 30 Day Shred?  Are you suppose to do it 30 days in a row, or just for 30 days???  Not sure on this one.

Have a great night!~

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Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm Alive and Well....Plus Pics from Mexico

I know it has been awhile since my last post.  I have come back from Mexico, 3lbs heavier, and unmotivated and relaxed.  It was an amazing trip, but kind of got me off of my working out/running kick.  I did get in a few workouts last week:

Friday April 30th- tried spinning at Gold's for the first time...really liked it!
Saturday May 1st- Ran 3 miles on the treadmill and some weights and abs
Monday May 3rd- Body Combat
Thursday May 6th- Body Pump and ran 3 miles on the treadmill
Saturday May 8th- 3 mile run outside in the wind!
EARLY THIS MORNING- 30 Day Shred at 4:30am

Yep, you heard it right...I will be doing a two-a-day today!  I have to kick my butt in gear...get my lazy a** off of the couch and back to some motivation!  I need to get my drive and energy back!  I am going to be doing the crazy 30 Day Shred in the mornings at least 3 days/week, and then trying to get to the gym for a cardio class at least 2-3 days/week, plus 2-3 runs/week.  I have to, need to, darn near will hate myself, if I don't get this going!  I was feeling ok about my body prior to leaving for Mexico, but after all of the food and drinks that were consumed and the non-existent desire I have had, I have to push myself and stick to it!  Plus, I am working on trying a calorie style eating plan similar to what Mom vs Marathon has spoken about.  I need to do something, because I have felt drained and not like myself...Stephanie....Where are you????

I have used this last week and a half to really evaluate where I want to go, and what I want to do to get there.  I haven't stopped working out, but I haven't felt all there.  I have been down on my body image and just not happy with myself.  I hope this new plan and goal will help me get pumped back up!!!

Marathon training starts in approx. 6 weeks...CRAZY!!!!
I do plan on doing a few 5k's coming being May 23rd, and the 2nd being on June 5th (this was my VERY first 5K last year)  and possibly another in June. 

I hope everyone is doing great, and I have been reading some really neat running stories on great races going on...BQ's, PR's galore!!!  Yea for all of my inspirations...Hope to catch your bug and get back with it!  Here I leave you with a few pictures from Mexico.....

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