Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wishin and Hopin and Prayin....

I ran across this really great giveaway for $100 in etsy products!  Boy do I love etsy!!!  I have purchased a lot of things from there including my son's 1st birthday party hat, his 1st birthday party banner, and now this year labels for his 2nd birthday party.  It is such a fun site to look around on!!! 

So, for the fun giveaway going on HERE, I have to make a wish list of etsy products and what I would purchase if I won.  It has to be less than or equal to $100.  So here we go:

1. I would order this super cute tank HERE with the saying "Twenty Six point Two" to help motivate me to finish this darn marathon training I am struggling with!!! $29.00

2. I also love this comfy looking off the shoulder sweat shirt HERE that says "Work It Out".  It looks like something I would love to chill with on a cold day, but still look super stylish! $38.00

3. I would also get this necklace HERE with my son's name on it.  Just love the writing! $28.95
So, that comprises my list.  Sooo hard to narrow down what I want...cause I want it ALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!


Cherry on Top Award From My Favorite Running Diva!

So, I got an award...please hold the applause!  It did come from one of my very most favorite bloggers...Jamie at Running Diva Mom!  (She is the very first blog I started following, and one of my favorites to stalk!)

So, this is how the award works:

#1. Answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?
#2. The second thing you have to do is, pick 6 people and give them this award. You then have to inform the person that they have gotten this award.
#3. The third and final thing is, thank the person who gave you the award.

1. I would have been more self confident about myself when I was younger.  I have always be self conscious about my weight from a very young age.  I remember doing Weight Watchers with my mom when I was in grade school/high school.  I have always dieted, and have always had to watch what I eat.  I was always very active in high school, playing both basketball and softball, but I never felt happy with myself.
In college I gained some weight freshman year, but by junior year I had lost A LOT of weight.  I did start working out a lot, which was good, but I wasn't being healthy about my eating (a lot of times not eating)  I still was not completely happy with myself.  I think I pushed a lot of people away because of my attitude about myself.
To this day I still struggle with all of my body issues and concerns, but I do know that I am living a healthier lifestyle.  I think I will always have to watch what I eat, work out and be conscious of these things, but I do think I am beginning to accept myself more, and realizing that no matter what I am a good person, and an awesome mommy and wife!  I will still strive to be skinner and more fit, but I am going to be happier in the process!

2. My 6 picks are:
Caution RedHead Running

Melissa's Adventure's in Living Life

Mom vs Marathon

Run Zoe Run

Running Through Life

Tri-ing My Hardest

3. Thanks Jamie for the tag!!!  You are a great inspiration and a great Mommy!  Anyone who hasn't checked out Jamie's blog HERE....go do it!  You won't be disappointed!


Training Funk with a Winner!

So, I haven't posted in about a week...partically because I have skipped a few runs and am ashamed!!!:(
I did two 5 mile runs last week, and then we left on vacation to the Lake of the Ozarks, and I was suppose to get my two other runs in...and I didn't!
So far this week I did Body Combat last night, but still no running....so, I have to kick my butt in gear and get some runs in before our 18 mile run this weekend. 
I think I am in the "burn-out" stage of marathon training...I know I need to push through it, but I sooo miss just being able to go to the gym and do my workout classes, and maybe get in a couple 3-5 mile runs.  Nope, I HAVE to get in 4 runs a week with one being a super long one...oh marathon training...why do you torment me so!?!?!
I am still excited about the Chicago marathon coming up, but I am too also doubting myself more and more.  I know I can finish it, but I'm not sure I have the same desire I had week 1...where I was going to run the whole thing...with my friends!  Now I think because I have had to walk some of my longer runs, it has gotten me down and now all I can picture is being lost in a sea of people on race day mentally and physically pushing myself through 26.2 long miles....ALL.BY.MYSELF!  Kinda depressing...dontcha think???
I know I will come out of this funk....I am going to try to incorporate some more cross-training into my weeks...I hope this helps break up the running, and on occasion, I might even replace a running day with cross-training...I have to do something to make sure I get motivated again to complete this sucker!!!
Does anyone else ever fall into the "training funk"?  What do you do to overcome it?

Now onto the winner of my CSN gift card giveaway.....
There were 55 entries into my CSN gift card giveaway.  Using random.org, it drew the #7.....
So, the winner of the $35 CSN Gift Card is...DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sTyliSH, please send me your email address to me at stephanie_walter0409@hotmail.com  and I will forward it over to CSN so they can send you your gift card...hope you get something fun with it!!!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CSN Gift Card Giveaway FOR YOU!

Yes, the nice people at CSN have offered to give one of my loyal followers a $35 giftcard to their CSN store!  How nice is that!!!
I can tell you that I have actually recieved a few items from CSN, and they are awesome!  And shipping is SUPER DUPER fast!
The thing with CSN Stores is they have sooo many things to choose from.  I am in the market for new kitchen dishes, and I just love their Corelle Dinnerware Line.  They have so many options to choose from...and tons that would look awesome in my kitchen!
 I also will give you insight into what I have already ordered.  There will be pictures to come on one of the items, because it was purchased for my son's 2nd birthday party in September, but I just love it!  It is a super cute circus tent.  My son is going to love it!  It is a circus theme, and I think this will fit in perfectly.
I also recently purchased some play food for my son from CSN Stores.  He LOVES them!  They have velcro holding them together and then you use the knife to cut them.

So, I have a $35 gift certificate for one of YOU!  Here are the ways you can enter:

1. Become a follower, or let me know you already are.
2. Visit CSN Stores HERE and browse around.  Let me know what you would buy with your gift card.
3. Post this giveaway on your blog, facebook, twitter, etc, etc, etc.

This giveaway will run through August 30th.  The winner will be announced on August 31st. 


Walking....A Crime???

So, I had a 16 mile run this past weekend....CRAZY to even think I am attempting this distance.  I mean just a little over a year ago, I couldn't run half a mile, and now I am running or attempting to run (well, more on this later)16 miles!?!?
We started out at 5:30am on Saturday morning...I had to drive an hour to meet up with the girls, so I got up around 4:00am and left my house at 4:30am.  I was tired by the time I got there....and I still had 16 long miles ahead of me!
I did have my new shoes...which was fun!!!  I had ran 5 miles in them on Thursday night, so I knew they would do pretty good.
We started out and of course...like always, the first half went great!  We chatted, held a steady pace and stopped to walk and fuel every 4 miles.  Once we hit approx. 9 miles, I just got TIRED!  I didn't feel like running anymore, and I was thirsty!  So, I WALKED...Yep, WALKED!  No, not the remaining 7 miles, but I broke from my running girls, and walked some while sipping my water.  I then started running again, and did approx. another 4 miles or so, and then I just didn't want to run anymore.  I decided at that point I was not going to get down on myself, and I was not going to worry that Kris and Becki were way ahead of me, so I did a .25 walk and then a .25 run for the remaining 3 miles.  This made the miles go by faster and I didn't have to do that same running motion the whole time. 
I just feel like when I run for so long, that my body just gets sooo tired of doing the same motion over and over and over and over again!  Does anybody else ever feel this way?
I finished in 3hrs 11min.  Becki and Kris finished in 3hrs, so I was only approx. 1 mile behind, which isn't too bad...I don't think???
So, my question is....Is it bad to WALK while training for a marathon?
I had always thought I should run all of my training runs...but, as the miles creep up there, I just don't know if I am really a long distance runner.  I mean, I love about 8 miles, and then I just don't like it much after that.  I am obviously doing a marathon in October, so I have no choice but to push through this, but I just want to see if others feel this same way?
I read sooo many running blogs where everyone is such a SUPER STAR, and no matter how they feel, or where they think they might end at the end of the race, they ALWAYS pull it out and finish like in first place, or PR a race when they were puking etc.  Are there runners out there that just struggle with running?  Sometimes I start to feel like I am doing something wrong....Even the girls I train with make it look easy...well, for me it's not easy.  I have to push myself every time to finish!  I am sooo happy when I do, and I always do finish (never give up) but I just never hear stories of people fully struggling...Everyone else's stories seem like happy endings!

So, there is my story...I am still pushing on, and of course this story won't be over until 10/10/10, when I attempt and conquer this here marathon!  But, while training for it, am I committing a "RUNNER'S CRIME" by walking???  I need your help!

And now I will leave you with a few pictures from our 14 mile run a few weeks ago(Please notice my SUPER CUTE "pink" fuel belt!!!  Love it!!!  If you don't have one...go get one...you won't be sorry!)....


Lane & Lila Giveaway Winner

Thank you for everyone who entered my Lane & Lila giveaway.  There were 25 entries, and there will be 2 winners. 
I used random.org....the first number that was chosen was #24, which is:

The second number that was chosen was #1, which is:

Both of you will be able to choose from one of the three choices below on what you would like.  Please email me your email address, and I will forward it over to Anna.

1. a children's "Mom's Running Partner" T-Shirt
2. a children's "Dad's Running Partner" T-Shirt
3. or a childrens "That's How I Roll" T-Shirt

Thank you to everyone who entered, and thank you a bunch to Anna for hosting such a fun giveaway!!!  Please check out her site HERE...sooo cute!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

For All You Running Mommies.....GIVEAWAY!

I am so excited about my next giveaway.  I ran across a cute shop on etsy called Lane & Lila.  They have T.H.E C.U.T.E.S.T children's apparel.  Lane & Lila is ran by Anna who came up with the name by using her grandmother's name, Elaine and her twin sister's name, Lila.  She started dreaming about a beautiful, little boutique about six years ago.  Her inspiration for her shop comes from her grandmother's sense of style and her incredible class.  Her grandmother was always put together beauifully, the way Anna would like to have her store one day.  For now she is loving her tiny corner of the internet to sell Lane & Lila products...in doing so, she is able to carry on her Granny's legacy.
You can find Lane & Lila products on both her etsy site HERE and on her main website http://www.laneandlila.com/.
When I asked Anna what her favorite Lane & Lila product was she said the month by month onesies...and I couldn't disagree more.  They are just adorable!

 Anna also mentioned that she loves to make hair clips and bands for adult women (they are also made for children)  She states, "It's amazing what a pretty little clip can do for a messy ponytail" 
Take a look at this cute thing....

As for how this connects with running, Anna began running in college and a few years ago completed her first half marathon!  Anna has a 16 month old son named Neil and has given me some advice to share with all the mommies out there on how to get back into running after having children:
"Running after having a baby is hard, because you have to make sure your child's taken care of, or you have to get up at the crack of dawn to run. Honestly, what new mom wouldn't rather be sleeping? Ha! Running strollers are great! Commitment is key, though, with any routine. It takes dedication and grace to get over it when you miss a day. Or week. My encouragement for moms with little ones is to start small. Walk. Walk more the next day. Eventually, challenge yourself to a few minutes of jogging. And take it from there! And, yes, I am following my own advice, for I'm in the process of working back to being a runner myself."
Great advice Anna!

Now, onto the giveaway...Anna has sooo graciously offered to have not one, but two winners.  You will have the chance to win one of Anna's Lane & Lila items below (You will pick one of the below, if you win):

1. a children's "Mom's Running Partner" T-Shirt

2. a children's "Dad's Running Partner" T-Shirt

3. or a childrens "That's How I Roll" T-Shirt


So, to enter the giveaway, you have options....
***Go to the Lane & Lila's etsy shop HERE and favorite Anna's site

1. Become a Follower of my blog, or let me know you already are
2. Visit the Lane & Lila's etsy shop HERand let me know what you like
3. Visit Anna's personal blog HERE and become a follower
4. Let me know which shirt you would choose if you won!

This giveaway will run through Monday August 23rd. 
The winners will be announced on Tuesday August 24th.


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Friday, August 13, 2010


Well, today is the day....to announce the GU Winner!  Thank you to everyone that entered....there are a lot of GU-fanatics out there!
There were 65 entries, and I after using Random.org, the winner is.......


Becka at
50 Half Marathons in 50 States
 (You go girl!)

Congrats Becka...please send me your mailing address to: stephanie_walter0409@hotmail.com
I will get your GU's out to you right away!

Thanks everyone for playing!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sad News....and Makeup!

Well, my two topics for Thursday don't have anything to do with each other...well, I guess they are both about running, so maybe they do.

First off, yesterday I found out that our last big training run (20 miles) that me, Becki and Kris were suppose to be doing on September 17th (we were going to take the day off work, run our 20 miles together, get all ready and then spend the rest of the day as a girls day...massages, pedi's etc)  Well, yesterday I found out I had been accepted into a Leadership Program through work.  I was SUPER excited!  I had been nominated by my boss, and had to send in references and write an essay, and I was accepted!!  Well, after reviewing all of the MANDATORY meetings, I found out that on September 16-17, I have an overnight retreat I have to go to...Yes, on September 17th....so, no 20 miler with my friends...no girls day with massages and pedi's...SOOO SAD!!!:(
I am now probably going to take another day off that week, by myself, and run my 20 miles....SOLO!  So, after being pretty upset last night, I have now decided that after my SOLO 20 mile run, I will have my own girls day, SOLO!  I can still get a massage and pedi or just spend the rest of my day relaxing and doing things for myself.  Sometimes when things don't go as planned, you have to pick yourself back up and think of something just as exciting to keep you going!  I know a SOLO 20 miles won't be easy, but hopefully it will push me to be that much stronger, because at the end of it, I will know that I have done the whole thing...by myself!  So, I know this is over a month away, but mentally I have to prepare myself....and I will!

Now....makeup!  Allie at That Girl is A Running Fool HERE posted an interesting topic this morning about makeup.  If you haven't read it, you can go HERE to read it.
This made me start thinking about if others wear makeup while running.  I can tell you that if I am running solo or on my treadmill in the morning, I don't worry about putting anything on.  I really don't care how I look on the treadmill, to be quite honest.  Now, on the weekends when I meet up with my running girls, I tend to always put on a little powder and some bronzer, and I curl my eyelashes.  It seems to wake me up, and make me feel a little "prettier" for my run!  Now, on race day, I go all out.  I will put on powder, bronzer, light eye shadow, light eye liner and some mascara.  I tend to always wear lip gloss also.  Another thing I do on race day is put in my diamond earrings.  They are screw on backs, so they won't fall out, but I think the little "bling" completes a race day outfit.
So, my question for you is do you wear makeup when you run?  What about race day...do you wear makeup for that "special" day?  Anything else special you wear on race day (besides the normal race gear)?

Don't forget about the great company I am promoting that offers such cute personalized bags for you, your kiddos, or gifts for the fam. Plus if you buy something from Thirty-One through my site between now and August 22nd, you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE Thirty-One bag!! Check it out HERE
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Longest Run To Date- 14 Miles with my Pink Sidekick!

Yes, this past Saturday I ran my longest distance so far...14 Miles!  It was such a beautiful morning.  We met up at 5:45, stretched and made sure we had everything.  Even though my new shoes haven't come in yet :( I did have something else new...Look at how cute this is!!  I received the pink belt from Fuel Belt.  It is absolutely sooo cute!  I just loved it!  I have been trying to figure out how to have both water and gatorade with me while I am running, because they will be offering this at Chicago, so I knew I needed to train this way.  The Fuel Belt worked perfectly!  I filled two bottles with water, and two with gatorade, and then froze them the night before our run.  That morning I was able to strap on my fuel belt and go!
I can tell you, IT DID NOT BUG ME ONE BIT!!!  The secret to wearing a Fuel Belt is you need to get a size that will allow you to wear it around the smallest part of your torso.  I ordered a medium, and it fit perfectly!!  I was able to carry my GU Chomps in the pouch on the side, along with my car key.  I think I will be purchasing another zipper pouch to go on the other side so that I can store more items for the marathon.  But let me tell you, for $45.95, this item is just perfect if you need to carry multiple types of drinks, or if you don't like to carry your water bottle.  Plus, for all of you GU-tini converts, one of these bottles would be perfect to have your GU-tini ready!  (My friend Kris actually tried it this weekend in one of her bottles on her Fuel Belt, and she really liked it!)
I will be wearing my Fuel Belt on all of my long runs from now on...and I do think this baby will have a showing in Chi-Town as well!  So, please check out Fuel Belts HERE...You won't be disappointed!

As for my run, we started at Forest Park in St. Louis and headed towards the St. Louis Arch.  My friend Becki carried a camera, so when she sends her pictures, I will make sure to post them.  The first 7 miles were wonderful!  We chatted it up, took in the sites and said hi to a few other runners, along with homeless people along the way (yes, there were homeless people along the way, but all of them were very nice and cheered us on)  When we reached the Arch, we all touched it and then took a picture in front of it.  Then we had to head back.  I was doing great until around 10.5 miles.  I started getting dizzy again...which has been happening a lot to me when I get over 8-9 miles.  We did stop at 10.5 to walk and get some water and I ate a few Chomps.  The remaining 3.5 miles was rough for me.  My body was getting a little tired, but I was just sooo dang dizzy!  I did a walk/run thing for approx. the last 1.5 miles.  I did finish, which is good, but not as fast as I would have liked.
I'm not sure where the dizziness is coming from...I think I do have low blood sugar, so this could be part of the problem.  I need to figure out what to do when I start getting that dizzy feeling...more food, more sugar, more water???  Just not sure yet.  Anyone else ever feel like this after a long run?  What do you do to help with it?

Hope everyone has great runs this weekend and really thinks about picking up a Fuel Belt to assist them on their runs!  They are super stylish and such a great addition to your training gear!

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Another Giveaway I have going on is HERE.  Get yourself some GU!

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Friday, August 6, 2010

GU-tini Giveaway

Wow, a lot of you guys really liked the GU-tini idea.  Can't wait to hear about it after you try it.  If you haven't been introduced to the new and upcoming thing....You can read all about the GU-tini HERE!
So, in honor of the GU-tini, I will be giving away 4 free GU packets to one lucky follower!  I guess you can call me the bartender!

Here's what ya have to do to enter:
1. Become a follower of Girls Just Wanna Go Run or tell me you already are
2. Tell me what your favorite GU flavor is
3. Link this giveaway back to your blog, facebook, twitter, etc, etc, etc (list separately, and you will get an entry for each)

I will announce a winner on Friday August 13th.....

Can't wait for my 14 miler (mileage PR for me) recap next week. 

  • Don't forget about the amazing 30% discount for Racing Bib Scrapbook Pages from LauraElaineDesigns....Details HERE
  • Also, I have a great company I am promoting that offers such cute personalized bags for you, your kiddos, or gifts for the fam.  Plus if you buy something from Thirty-One through my site between now and August 22nd, you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE Thirty-One bag!!  Check it out HERE

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

THIRTY-ONE: Giveaway with Purchase

This is not really running related, but I wanted to let everyone know about a great company...Thirty-One.  They are a home-based company that offers personalized and monogrammed items ranging from bags, lunch totes, storage totes, home decor and sooo much more!  I found out about this company about a year and a half ago and just LOVE their stuff!  I have hosted two in-home parties to sell their items, and now I am doing a web-based party, so you can participate too!

Here is some of what they have to offer:
These items are great for all of your running travel you might have.  They have GREAT insulated lunch totes that you could use for the kiddos on race day to pack their lunch and snacks.  They also have storage totes that you can fit all of your running needs in...fuel items, survival kit etc.
You can check out their website and catalog HERE.  Right now they have a great special going on...any item can be personalized in any color/font style for only $1. 
If you would like to order something, let me know between today and August 22nd, and I can send you the link to place the order, or I can assist you in placing your order.
Also, for anyone that orders something from Thirty-One between now and August 22nd, you will be entered in a drawing for a FREE Thirty-One bag!


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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Runner's Race Bib Scrapbooks plus an AWESOME discount!

I have a great company/designer you need to check out...LauraElaineDesigns' HERE
Laura makes T.H.E cutest scrapbook pages for you to display your beloved racing bibs, plus pictures and info from the race.  Laura was nice enough to make me a few pages to display my pictures and bib from my Go St. Louis half marathon.  I recieved them a few weeks ago, and still haven't ordered pictures to put in it yet, but I did want to show them off!

How cute are those!!!  I can't wait to put all of my info on them and display my bib and pictures!  I think scrapbooking your race is the best way to cherish your experience that day, and is something you can keep in a safe book to show off to others.  I hope to do this with all of my "big" races!
Laura is offering an AWESOME deal to all of my followers...from now until August 18th you can get 30% off of anything at LauraElaineDesigns'.  Just mention to her that you saw this on my blog.   This is the perfect time to get that special made scrapbook for your "best" race, or even have matching pages made for you and your running buddies!  What a great gift for someone that you ran that special race with!  They would make awesome birthday or christmas gifts also.  You could place all of the info and pictures in it of the friends you ran with, and give it out as a gift.  I know there are plenty of us that run with others!!!
So, don't hestitate, go check out LauraElaineDesigns' and order something for you or your running bestie and get 30% off(mention you saw this on my blog) Her designs start at just $8.99.  She also does custom designs!

Well, today is a cross training day for me, so off to Body Combat tonight for me!  Hope everyone is staying cool...it's a SUPER hot one here!!


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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

GUtini's...and much more!

Sorry it's been a little bit since my last post...life has been crazy, hectic!  I appreciate everyone's comments on running socks.  I will let you know what I end up choosing.
I did get a new pair of running shoes...well, they had to order my size, but I will have them this week.  Super excited!!!  I ended up going with an updated version of what I had been running in: Asics GEL-DS Trainer 15 
Here is a pic...super cute...and pink!!!  I will let you all know what I think once I have a chance to wear them.  I also got something else super cute and pink, but that review will be coming soon.  Think hydration!!!
As for meeting with the running coach last Thursday.  She was very nice and knowledgeable.  She is actually currently training for a 100 mile run in 2011...crazy!!!  Here is her website: http://www.sallydrake.com/Coaches/HillerErika.html
She spoke to us about what we were currently eating, and some options that we could choose.  She said prior to a long run that you should eat 150-250 calories to hold you over.  She also spoke about making sure you have both water and some type of sports drink (Gatorade) etc to carry with you also.  She did talk about GUtini's... Anyone ever heard of them?  To make a GUtini you dump a few different Gu packets into a water bottle.  She talked about using one from a fuel belt, which is a little bit smaller.  She said she normally uses a few vanilla, and then might add in a chocolate, and then adds some water and makes it so it is not so thick, and you can drink it throughout your run.  This way you don't have to worry about the sticky mess Gu packets make, plus if you don't like the thick taste, or don't want to do your whole Gu packet at one time, you can take a little bit at a time over your run.  I thought this sounded like a good idea...I will have to try it soon, plus I love the name...GUtini!!!
Runs have been going ok...had a 7 miler on Saturday that I ended up doing on the treadmill.  It was raining, and my husband had to be somewhere at 7am, so I got up around 5:30 and ran in the basement.
This morning I ran 4.5...again on the treadmill.  It was an ok run, but my feet and knees hurt a little.  Hoping the new shoes will help with this!!
This Saturday is 14 miles...a mileage PR for me!!  The weather is suppose to be a little cooler, which I am excited about.  Hope it makes the run better!

Have a great Tuesday!

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