Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Running My "Socks" Off!

Yes, the question of the day is...what running socks should I get?
I have never purchased true running socks since I started running.  I have always worn my Under Armour socks that I purchased about 2 years ago.  They work fine, but I know I need to invest in some really good running socks, and I just don't know what to go with???
There have been tons of review/giveaways of running socks going around in bloggy world, and I have entered into all of the contests, but have never won any.  So, I am a "virgin" running sock wearer! 
Please let me know what running socks your wear/prefer.  I need to get some soon, and I need YOUR help!

Happy Running Wednesday!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Training Nutrition Session Coming Soon

I am really excited!  This Thursday night a friend of mine that is running Chicago has gotten a friend of a friend of hers to come over and do a training nutrition session with us.  She is a 4-time Iron Man Finisher and now a coach.  She normally charges $150+/hr, but for us she is going to do it for free!  She is hopefully going to tell us about what the best nutrition is during training, and what to eat before and after race day.
I am super excited!  I am hoping to also get some information on how to balance eating while training and trying to lose weight. 
I will let you guys all know what I learn, and hopefully I can help some of you with the same issues I am having!!!

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Monday, July 26, 2010


Yes, this past Saturday in the 88 degree heat at 6am, me and my two friends set out to do 12 miles...I mean, with that kind of distance, we should have just done a full 13.1, but I tell you...with the heat and the humidity, I was sooo ready to be done, done, done at mile 12.
The first 6 miles, I was feeling really good!  We talked and took in the scenery!  We were out at Creve Coure Park, where we have run before, but because it was only an 8 mile loop we decided to go off the of park path and head towards Katye Trail.  There were a few hills, but we knew coming back we would be able to go down those hills!!!  The first 1.5 miles were pretty much in the shade.  The next 4.5 were not.  At the half way point we fueled, stretched a little and set out to head back.  This is where I started feeling really, really dizzy!!! 
Oh yeah, back up a minute...I bet you are wondering what the "Idiots" mean...well, we were running on this dirt trail, around mile 6.5.  We were three across, and we saw a biker coming up on us...pretty far away!  My friend Kris was on the side left, where she would have to be the one to move over...So, as we see him, again, pretty far away, he starts screaming..."ARE YOU GUYS GOING TO MOVE, OR AM I GOING TO HAVE TO RIDE RIGHT THROUGH YOU!?!?"  Kris moves over and he then flys past us screaming "IDIOTS!!!"  My response..."How Rude!!!"  I kind of, sort of hate bikers.  I just feel like they are always rude, and this just firmed up my thinking!!!
Anyways, back to the run...We stopped again around mile 9, and I was feeling it!  I was almost out of water, and was really dizzy, and hungry!  I took the last of my Chomps, swigged a little of my friend Becki's gatorade, and we were off to finish the last 3 miles.  The dang problem was the HEAT!  It was just sooo hot, and without any shade, it was horrible.  I kept having to close my eyes to keep my eyes from getting blurry!  I ended up stopping once and walking a little, and I told Becki and Kris to keep going, but as soon as we hit 10.5 miles, we were back on the shaded trail, and I felt sooo much better!  We finished up the 12 miles in a little over 2 hours.  I was sooo excited to get in the air conditioning of my car and to get some water!!!  I was sooo thirsty!
I am glad to have it done, and I did another 4.5 miles this morning on the treadmill, and felt pretty good!  This weekend calls for only 7 miles.  I just hope this 90+++ heat goes away soon...It sure makes for horrible trainings!!!
How was your runs this weekend?
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Have a great running week!  I have a 5 miler, a 6 miler and a 7 miler on the schedule this week!  Hope it cools down so I can enjoy them!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Running, Running and More Running....Oh Yeah and a Giveaway Winner!

Well, that is pretty much what I have been doing...RUNNING!  I am in week 5 of my training for the Chicago Marathon.  It has been going suprisingly good!  I have not missed a run, and our long run on Saturday of 10 miles in 90+ heat at 6ish in the morning turned out OK.  We started a little after 6am in Kirkwood, MO.  Kris had mapped out a run path through the area using  It took us all around the area.  It started out good because it was mainly more of a downhill in the beginning in the shade.  But at around mile 4 we started to make the loop back to our cars, and we were running into the sun, with the sun beating down on us and it was uphill.  It was pretty darn tough.  We stopped a few times to make sure everyone stayed together, plus to drink some water.  There was another BIG hill around mile 8.5 that we ended up walking up.  We were walking faster than we could have ran it, so we didn't feel too bad doing this.  We ended the 10 miles at right around 1hr 42 minutes.  Not too bad considering how freakin hot it was!!!  I swear, we are going to have to start these longer runs at 4am to get them in before the heat pops out. 
I also ran both of my 4.5 milers last week and a 6 miler on my own. 
This week calls for 2-4.5 miles, 1-6 miler, 1-12 miler.
I got up at 4am yesterday morning and ran my first 4.5 miles on the treadmill before work.  I felt great!!  It is always so nice to have a day off (Sunday) and then run on fresh legs!  Last night I headed to Body Combat...I hadn't been in over a week and was missing it!  My legs were tired, so I concentrated more on my abs and arms. 
Today is speed work.  I am trying to decide whether or not I will head in to St. Louie to meet up with the girls for speed work, or if I will just go to our local track after my son goes to bed.  The training calls for 12x400's, so this wouldn't be too bad to do on my own.  What should I do???
One thing I wanted to ask everyone is about weight loss...I know everyone talks about this all of the time, but I am simply frustrated.  I just don't seem to lose ANY weight while running...I actually gain!  It is frustrating, because as much as I know I am getting toned, I still feel yucky, bloated and my clothes don't seem to fit any better.  What am I doing wrong?  I have started to count calories really closely, and drink plenty of water, but I really, really, really want to lose some weight during training.  I will feel better about myself, plus I know this will improve my running.  If anyone has any suggestions, please pass them on!!!  Please and thank you!
Ok, ok, ok...I know...the only reason you have read this long is to see who the winner of the 26.2 necklace is...soooo, after 80 entries, I used and the winner is:

(Yea, one of my favorite bloggers to follow) 
Congrats Tonia...please email me your address at: and I will mail it out to you! (Thank you to everyone who entered, and to Akemi at Fly Jewelry for hosting such a fun giveaway...check out her shop HERE)

Hope you are having a good running week so far, and please let me know if you have any good tips for losing weight during training!


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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Update on 26.2 Giveaway

Sorry guys, forgot one entry into my contest HERE
If you link this giveaway on your blog, on facebook, twitter it, or whatever else there is to do out there, you will receive 2 enteries per link.
So get linking away!!!! (and leave a comment here letting me know you did)

Sneak Peak: CSN Stores Review Coming Soon

Well, it's going to be a HOT one here today!  And because I decided to sleep in this morning, I have to get my run in this afternoon in the 90+ degrees.  I will do it though, because at 4pm today, I am on VACATION!  Me and my husband are taking a few days off to get some stuff done around the house and it's his b-day this Friday, so we have a fun filled weekend planned...Can't wait!!!  Don't worry, I will still get all of my runs in, plus my 10 miler on Saturday.

I recently was contacted by CSN Stores to do a fun review on one of their millions and trillions of items.  I mean, they have over 200 online stores with just about anything you could possibly ever want!  You can find fun bean bag chairs, awesome wine racks, LED lighting or a fire pit for your patio.  Where can you possibly shop that you can find such an aray of items for every room in your home.  You have to check out CSN stores HERE to find that perfect item for you!
Super chic Kettlebells!  I NEED these for my workout room!

An awesome Food Processor!  Always wanted one of these.

Dart Board for the basement.  Fun for the whole family!

So as you can see, I have my work cut out for me.  What do I choose?  I guess you will have to wait and see.  My review will be coming soon.  Stay Tuned!  Until then, check out what CSN Stores have to offer.  I don't think you will be disappointed!

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Monday, July 12, 2010

26.2 Necklace Giveaway

This past week/weekend was filled with visions of 26.2 in my head!  I have offically completed week 4 of marathon training, and have entered into week 5.  This morning I did a bright and early 4.5 miles on the treadmill.  It felt fairly good, except for a slight pain in my knees.  Otherwise, I felt great!  I also offically started WW online again on Saturday.  I have done GREAT Saturday, Sunday and so far today!  My mom is actually going to the meetings, so I am getting tips from her etc.  It is a lot easier to do when you exercise a lot.  I am going to have over 30 extra activity points for this week, so that helps, because on WW I am ALWAYS hungry!!  I did buy some yummy watermelon and pineapple yesterday, so that will help crave my sweet tooth.

Now, onto my newest giveaway...Akemi at Fly Jewelry was nice enough to not only send me a gorgeous 26.2 necklace, but she also sent one for me to give to one of my followers!  I know that a lot of us have either been training for the BIG 26.2, or have done one in the past, or I am sure there are many that have dreams to complete a marathon.  Either way, this necklace is for you!!!  Whether you wear it proud now, or save it for later, this is a beautiful necklace that I know I will be proud to wear once I reach the Chicago finish line in October.

Fly Jewelry also offers fabulous necklaces for all distances, tri's or just for someone that wants to "Fly" to reach their dreams!  Whether that is in a race, or in life...I believe everyone needs some angel wings to help them "Fly", and Fly Jewelry has just that!  Please take some time, check out Akemi's website, and then come back and enter into win!

How to enter:
1. Become a follower of my blog, or let me know you already are.
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This giveaway will run through Monday July 19th.  The winner will be announced on Tuesday!  Good luck!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hair Candy Headband Review

Last night I wasn't able to meet up for speed work in St. Louis.  Of got in the way!  I didn't let this discourage me, I just made alternate plans.  I got in my running clothes right after work, and after I got my son down to bed around 7:30pm, I headed to the local track to do my own speed work.  I actually got the training plan from the running website that I would have done in St. Louis, and did it by myself.  I used my Garmin to track my exact distance and time, but used my old heart rate monitor watch for timing.  The plan called for 6x800.  Each one had to be done in no longer than 7 minutes, before you started the next 800.  I needed to get in 4.5 miles so I did two warm up laps, 7x800, and then two cool down laps.  I am really starting to like speed work, and am really getting the hang of how to do it!  I was a sweaty mess when I was done!!
Because I had a little bit more time to plan my outfit, I decided to try out a new headband I had received a week or so ago from Emily at Deshler Designs.  She was nice enough to mail me a really cute Hair Candy non-slip headband in black with white polka dots.  Sooo freakin cute, and will go with EVERYTHING!!!  I put it on and headed out.  I really liked the way it fit, and looked, and during the whole 4.5 miles, I didn't think a second thought about it.  Here I am with it in before my run:

And here I am afterwards....

Still in the same place...I can tell you it worked great!  Deshler Designs offers sooo many different options of headbands from something simple like mine, to really bright and colorful!  They come in both thick and thin options, and for a great price.  You can check her shop out HERE.  What a great addition to any girls running drawer!
Thanks again Emily for the great headband...I will for sure use this on many more runs to come!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Monday...Errr Tuesday!! (Giveaway Winner)

This week is starting out as the "Happy Monday...I mean Tuesday" type of week.  This has screwed up my running for the week, because yesterday instead of getting my Monday morning run in, I slept in and then spent the whole day with my family.  By last night I had a ton of laundry to do, and no motivation to run (plus the Bachelorette was on...and the Jake vs Vienna special) good!!
So, I had my alarm set to run first thing this morning, and then I have speed work tonight.  But I wasn't feeling good in the middle of the night, and this kept up until about 7:30 this morning.  I felt really yucky!!!  I feel better now, but it made me miss my run :(
So, now I have to fit in 3 runs before Saturday, so it looks like speed work tonight, a 4am run tomorrow morning, and a 4am run Thursday morning.  We then have 6 scheduled for Saturday morning.

This past Saturday was an 8 miler, and it went really good!  I met my friend Becki at 6am and we set out.  The first few miles were a little rough for me (they always are) but at around 4 miles, I felt really good and we finished the 8 miles in 1hr 19min.  We then did some abs on a blanket by the lake, and then I headed to Gold's Gym to meet my sister for an hour of Body Combat.  So, needless to say I burned approx. 1200 calories Saturday morning...such a good feeling!

Now, on to the winner of my Life Your Sole, Zebra Print Travel Mug...I used and out of 71 entries, it drew 31.....

 (angie, please send me your email address to pass on to Jill) 

Also, I want to welcome all of my new followers!!  102 yea, yea!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Speed Work Frenzy!!!

Well, the first two weeks of speed work have been great!  I think it really helps to mix things up and add in something different.  I do have to drive approx. 45 minutes (to go with my friends) but it is worth it!  Fleet Feet, a running group in St. Louis, hosts it and approx. 30 people are there.  The first time I was a little nervous, because I could tell that these folks meant business!!!  But after we started, it didn't really seem to matter.  It was nice to be able to run for a little bit, and then take a break.  Plus, you had someone "coaching" you through it, plus all of the other runners were so supportive!
This past Tuesday I met up with my friend Kris for speed work.  It started at 7pm, and I got there a little early, so we were able to get in 2 laps around the track before the warm up with the group.  We did another warm up lap with the group, and then it was time to start.
This week we were to do 12x400's under 4 minutes.  The first 7 were at our own pace.  On the 8th-12th, we were suppose to meet or beat our previous time, and if we didn't we were out! (I was a little nervous about this)
It was a gorgeous night...temps in the low 80's!  The first 7 laps we were consistently coming in around 2:10.  The 8th lap we ran a little slower, especially since we were going to have to beat this time the next time around.  We ran it at 2:12.  The 9th lap was at 2:10, 10th lap 2:08, 11th lap 2:05 and the 12th lap was at 1:55!  Crazy!!!
It was such a fun combo to do, and it was nice to have to only do one lap and then have a break.  We ended the day with 2 cool down laps, which put our total mileage at 4.25.

I really think I am going to continue to do the speed work.  It is a great way to get a run in, and mix it up a little so you don't feel like you are doing the same thing EVERY run. 

Here is my running schedule, and it seems to really work:
Monday morning (4:00am)- 4 mile treadmill run
Tuesday evening (7:00pm)- 4 mile speed work done on the track with friends
Thursday morning (4:00am)- 5 mile treadmill run
Saturday or Sunday morning (6:00am)- Long run done outside with friends

This combo has kept things interesting so far, plus provides me with both outside and inside runs, runs with and without friends, and are at different times of the day!  The morning runs, as much as they suck when the alarm goes off, they are awesome once you are done!!! Check your run off for the day, and now you can spend time with family etc in the evening!
I know when I trained for my half, my only real true "good" run was the long run on the weekends, when I would meet up with my friends.  Otherwise, "life" always seemed to get in the way during the week when I waited until the evening to run.  For anyone starting out with a training program, I really think mixing up what you do and trying to get your runs done early or with friends really helps!

Also, don't forget about my GIVEAWAY HERE its a "wild" one!!!