Monday, June 14, 2010

Mama Mia...Here I go again...

Yep, here I go again....TRAINING HAS BEGUN!
I actually started somewhat yesterday.  I wanted to go to a 9am Body Flow class, and decided to get to the gym early to try to get in 4 miles.  I only had time for 3, but they were 3 pretty darn good miles!!
Then I went to Body Flow...which is AMAZING!  If you've never tried it, or sometime like yoga or tai chi, you don't know what you are missing.  It is just such a great thing to do after a run.  I wish I could incorporate it more throughout my week, on top of everything else.  It is such a good stretching class, plus you work on balance, and the ab track is sooo hard, but good!  So, after 60 minutes of that, and then the last track you lay there all stretched out and just let you body is sooo cool!  You can even feel your mouth relax.  It was a great workout/relax day!
This morning I DID IT...I got my butt out of bed at 4:15am and jumped on the treadmill.  Well, not really, because when I got down to the basement to run, I realized I forgot a sweat towel AND forgot to put my hair in a ponytail.   What the heck!?!?   So, I had to run back up and grab a running hat, and my sweat towel.  Then I decided I would watch Mama Mia...I have owned this DVD for a few years, and have NEVER watched it.  Not that I haven't wanted to, but since I have had my son, I don't normally watch movies unless my husband is watching with me, and Mama Mia isn't his first choice. 
So, I popped it in the DVD player and started off on my 4 mile run.  It was a little tough in the beginning, but the music from Mama Mia was awesome to keep me pumped (might be a few new downloads on my I-Pod from there coming real soon!)  Around mile 3, my toes on my right foot started burning!!!  For the last two days I have been trying some new shoe liners, I received in a giveaway.  I can tell you right now, if the toe burning keeps up, I will be yanking those suckers out of my shoes, real quick!
But, I finished my 4 miles and finished with a nice cool down walk.  I wanted to keep walking, because I was really into the movie, but I had to get off and back upstairs to get ready for work.
So far, marathon training is a success!!!  (Ask me that in a few weeks...)  I am going to try to get in a 5 miler (possibly tomorrow or Thurs), and then I am meeting the girls Saturday morning for a 6 miler.


Aneta said...

good job on training so far! sounds like u r on a great start!!! yay!

Sunflower Kisses said...

You got me singing "Mama mia... here I go again" in my head :)

Good music and/or tv helps those runs on treadmills. I have such brief attention span that I need something that changes quite often.

destination262 said...

Good luck on your marathon training! So exciting! And I love that you were watching Mama Mia - that would defnitely get me into the running mood!