Tuesday, August 3, 2010

GUtini's...and much more!

Sorry it's been a little bit since my last post...life has been crazy, hectic!  I appreciate everyone's comments on running socks.  I will let you know what I end up choosing.
I did get a new pair of running shoes...well, they had to order my size, but I will have them this week.  Super excited!!!  I ended up going with an updated version of what I had been running in: Asics GEL-DS Trainer 15 
Here is a pic...super cute...and pink!!!  I will let you all know what I think once I have a chance to wear them.  I also got something else super cute and pink, but that review will be coming soon.  Think hydration!!!
As for meeting with the running coach last Thursday.  She was very nice and knowledgeable.  She is actually currently training for a 100 mile run in 2011...crazy!!!  Here is her website: http://www.sallydrake.com/Coaches/HillerErika.html
She spoke to us about what we were currently eating, and some options that we could choose.  She said prior to a long run that you should eat 150-250 calories to hold you over.  She also spoke about making sure you have both water and some type of sports drink (Gatorade) etc to carry with you also.  She did talk about GUtini's... Anyone ever heard of them?  To make a GUtini you dump a few different Gu packets into a water bottle.  She talked about using one from a fuel belt, which is a little bit smaller.  She said she normally uses a few vanilla, and then might add in a chocolate, and then adds some water and makes it so it is not so thick, and you can drink it throughout your run.  This way you don't have to worry about the sticky mess Gu packets make, plus if you don't like the thick taste, or don't want to do your whole Gu packet at one time, you can take a little bit at a time over your run.  I thought this sounded like a good idea...I will have to try it soon, plus I love the name...GUtini!!!
Runs have been going ok...had a 7 miler on Saturday that I ended up doing on the treadmill.  It was raining, and my husband had to be somewhere at 7am, so I got up around 5:30 and ran in the basement.
This morning I ran 4.5...again on the treadmill.  It was an ok run, but my feet and knees hurt a little.  Hoping the new shoes will help with this!!
This Saturday is 14 miles...a mileage PR for me!!  The weather is suppose to be a little cooler, which I am excited about.  Hope it makes the run better!

Have a great Tuesday!

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racing dawn said...

Thats awesome - so fun to have a trainer to keep you going in the right direction! I can't imagine mixing a Gu with water! Might have to try it. Make sure you alternate your shoes once you get your new pair for a couple weeks to help your feet adjust! You don't want any more foot problems! Good luck with 14 miles - it will be great! :)

Teamarcia said...

Good luck with the cute new shoes! Love the idea of the GUtini--except I'll bet the bottle caps will be challenging to clean.

Molly said...

Love the idea of Gu-tini, because I hate the sticky feeling on my fingers after ripping into a bag during a run!

DaphneB said...

Love the GuTini idea! I'll have to try that one out!

Angie Bishop said...

the gutini sounds interesting! Let us know how it works for you!

Anonymous said...

love the gutini! i am running 14 miles this weekend and i might give it a try! thnx for the suggestion!

bobbie said...

Thanks for sharing the GUtini! Might share it on my blog if you don't mind?!

Christine said...

LOVE the GUtini idea!! I have a bunch of GU gels at home, but stopped using them after I tried twice and gagged each time :( But I think with water it might work. I will definitely try it.

Also, the 150-250 calorie before a long run is great information. I usually eat a banana and realized that might not be enough.

Great info, thank you so much for sharing!!!

Megan said...

I've got a nine miler tomorrow. I may not to try that gutini

Anonymous said...

I love the gu-tini! What a great idea, and sounds easy to drink. Also I <3 your new shoes. Those look like the ones I have and I LOVE THEM! :)