Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy 90210 Day!

Yes, you heard me right...Happy 9-02-10 Day!  I heard this on the radio this morning and was super excited!  I loved 90210 when I was younger (always wanted to be Kelly) and now I love the new updated 90210 on TV.  I think it is so cool that the date matches!!  I'm a dork...I know.

Anyways, last night I met my sister at the gym for Body Combat and had a GREAT workout!  This morning I got up at 4am to get in a 5 mile run, and just couldn't get movin.  My body was super tired!!!  I have worked out the last 3 days, and for some reason this 4th day (early in the morning) my body was telling me NO!  I ended up getting in close to 3 miles (run/walk combo) and I did some abs.  I sooo hope I can kick this 18 mile run's butt this weekend.  Super scared!

Hope you have a great 90210 day, and please don't forget to enter into my contest going on HERE!



sTyliSH1 said...

Ha! My friend just sent me the same message! Happy 90210! OMG I was so addicted to that show! Oh man, I used to think real life as an adult was like that lol.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll kick that 18 miles butt!! :)

Teamarcia said...

Don't be scared--just get out there and show 18 who's boss!

Zaneta said...

haha, that is too funny cuz i just deleted a 90210 episode from the dvr! lol... gave me a chuckle!

Harold said...

Hope you kicked that 18 miler's butt!
P.S. You won the giveaway at my blog. Check my latest post for how to claim your prize :)

Staci Dombroski said...

I loved 90210 too :) We used to always watch it in high school and college with our friends!