Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Won!!!

Just wanted to update everyone really quick...thanks for the great support on the etsy contest I entered.  I found out today....that I won!!!  Sooo fun!
Because I won, I get to recieve my 3 items!  I just can't wait!

I just wanted to let everyone out there, that possibly hesitates to enter a contest, thinking "It won't be me...I never win anything"  that you can and do win on blogs!  I know people that play the lottery every single day, and never win, or call and call and call into radio stations to try to win concert tickets etc, and never win, but I can tell you....if you enter into fellow bloggers giveaways, you have such a good chance of winning!!!
I just entered the etsy contest yesterday, with already over 120 entries, and I still won!!!  So, next time you see a fun giveaway, take a little bit of time, and just never know!!!

I can't wait to receive my items, and do a review on them....soon to come!



Rae said...

Congrats!!! I can't wait to see you in those shirts and hear what you have to say about them! If you love them, I will probably have to get one!

Allie said...

Awesome! Congrats.

sTyliSH1 said...

Wahoo!!! Congrat's!! Winning feels great doesn't it!

April said...

WooHoo!! That's great! You are getting some great stuff!

Zaneta said...

yay for winning things on blogs!!! :D I'm really glad you won the etsy giveaway! :D

Becka said...

Congrats on winning!!