Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Running for a New Me....

I began my running adventure when my son was 6 months old. I had never considered myself a runner, nor had ever run more than a mile or so before stopping because I dreaded it sooo much. I decided that to help me lose my baby weight, along with trying something new, that I would train for my first 5K. I completed it in May 2009.

After that race I continued on and off doing 5K's here and there, not really enjoying it. It wasn't until I went and watched my friend Becki complete her first 1/2 marathon, that I decided I wanted to start doing this FOR REAL. September 2009, I became a true runner!

Running is something that most people think is all physicial, and don't get me wrong, it is. But the one thing I wasn't focusing on when I first started, is how mentally challenging running is. If you don't have the right mental thinking when you start running, you will never become a true runner.

After I realized this aspect of running, I have come to really enjoy running. It has not only made me feel more empowered as a woman, but it has also brought me closer to my best friend Becki. It is so nice to have someone right next to you, step for step, to reach the finish line. Her motivation, along with my will to achieve, has brought me this far.

My next step is to train for the Go St. Louis 1/2 Marathon on April 11th. I know Beck will be there with me, and I hope a few other girls will join us in our training.

The two other people that have been there through each step of my journey so far, is my husband Craig and the joy of my world, Logan. Craig has been there to cheer me on as I cross the finish, to take pictures and to give me back massages, after a hard run. He is the best! There there is the Logster, who is my motivation to become the best Mommy I can. Anytime a run starts to get tough, I think of Logan and how proud he will be of me some day. Who knows, maybe someday we will complete a race together.

I hope you will enjoy my blog, and the many pictures and updates I will share with you along the way. And who knows, it might just motivate someone else to get off the couch, slip on their running shoes and take a lap around the block...that is what happened to me, and I am not looking back!


Anonymous said...

love it! can't wait to keep reading about your journey!

jamie @ sweatyhugs said...

Great post! I ran my first 5k in May 2009 as well! I have also signed up for my first HM which is set for Sept. 2010! Best of luck on your training.

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Yay! I think setting the example for our little ones is one of the most rewarding aspects of running! My Little Buddy is 4 and he loves to do races! I am not sure how old Logan is but I am sure he will be the same! Most of the shorter races will have a 1K for kids before or after the longer race! These are super fun and it makes my son feel so proud of himself!!

Good luck with your first half and training! you will be completely HOOKED!!!!! It is so exciting! I love it when people get sucked into running! I love hearing about it too!

BTW check out my blog at 10 PM PST! I'm posting the winner of the Name My Garmin contest!! You wont be disappointed!!! =)

Sunflower Kisses said...

I am following you on your running adventure!
I finished my first 5K in October 2009 and have been hooked on running since.
And it must be awesome to have your bestfriend train and run next to you. My bestfriend is too far away and sometimes when I finished running a longer distance than before, I kinda get disappointed that I have noone to do some silly "I did it" dance with. It's OK though, I have my dog. :)