Monday, February 22, 2010

1/2 Marathon Training- Week 2....6 Miles

I am the one on the the turquoise!

Well, another week of training down...only 6 more to go! We are basically half way there!
I did get in both my training runs this week...3 miles on Wednesday and only 2 miles on Saturday. (I had my Body Combat class at 9am, and ran out of time to get in that last mile)

Workouts/Training for the week:
Monday- Body Combat
Tuesday- Off
Wednesday- Body Combat and 3 mile run
Thursday- Off
Friday- Off
Saturday- 2 mile run and Body Combat
Sunday- 6 mile run

On Sunday at 7am I met up with my friends Becki and Kris to run our 6 mile training run. It was raining...pretty hard, but we sucked it up and headed out.
We all three talked most of the time. The first half was hard on me. The rain was shooting into my eyes and making my eyes sting. At our turn around at mile 3, I guess the rain was going with us, and it was much better. We finished in approx. 1hr 3min. Not a personal best, but I had a REALLY good run (could have ran a few more miles). After the run we were all soaked, but had to get our weekly pic taken, so we asked a nice ambulance man if he would take it. He willingly did! I was freezing the whole way home and as soon as I got inside, stripped down out of my wet clothes and headed for a warm shower. I was a little sick the rest of the day, but am feeling better today.
This was my first experience running in the rain, and had a great experience....snow last week, rain this week...wonder what next week has in store for us???
Next week we will be running 7 miles. It is sooo fun to have friends to run with. Makes it that much easier to get through the run, plus you have someone to celebrate with at the end.
Thanks Beck and Kris!

On a side note, I am SOOOOO excited!!! I have won Amanda's (5 Miles 2 Empty) name her Garmin contest. Her garmin is now named G. Money Nimrag. G. Money was chosen by Kerrie (Mom vs Marathon), but Nimrag is MINE!! (It is Garmin spelled backwards) How fun!! Can't wait to see the prize! This is my first win since entering the blog world. LOVE IT!!!


Sunflower Kisses said...

Congrats on winning! I had a pet rabbit named Tibbar and a snake named Ekans. Haha.

I ran this Sunday in the rain too and that was my first run-in-the-rain experience. It was quite fun. And I am actually secretly hoping we'll have a light snow so I can run in it.

I hope you'll have another good week of training.

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Great job with your training! Running in the rain is NO FUN at all!!! And you did it!

After checking out your blog I know what your prize is going to be!!!! I am so excited! Don't forget to email me your address or the address you want it sent to! I'll try to get it in the mail this week!

amanda(dot) brandon (at)gmail (dot) com

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I love the picture :) I ran with the newly name G money Nimrag I could tell he was excited to have a name :)