Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yea for 5K!

Last night I attempted a practice run for my 5K race this weekend.  I haven't done much running since my half marathon back in April, and thought I should hit the road and see how I could do on a 5K.  I did a .25 mile warm up walk, and then took off.  The first mile or so, was a little bit slower, because I have realized that I need to start out slower.  It was a beautiful night with a cool breeze.  Before I started out I realized that my I-Pod was dead, so I had to borrow my husbands.  He has the big ole' I-Pod, so that was a little uncomfortable on my arm, but at least I had some tunes to listen to.
At mile 2, I was starting to really feel good.  I picked up the pace a little.  Out of nowhere, a bird hopped out of the grass (when do birds hide in grass, and hop out at you???)  It scared me to death, but I just jumped over the bird and continued on.
I was getting close to home, and still had about another .50 to do before I would be at 3.1, so I ran past my cul-de-sac, and started to really push it to be done.  I was feeling pretty good, but was dripping sweat and was starting to get a little thirsty!  I finished the 3.1 miles at 29.05.  Not my best time, but pretty good knowing that I hadn't done much running in the last month or so.  Here is my breakdown per my Garmin (still working on a name for him/her???)
Mile 1: 9:50
Mile 2: 9:35
Mile 3: 9:20
.1: 1:00
Total: 29.05

I felt good when I got back home!  During my run I had some different thoughts back on my half marathon, and things leading up to my half.  I hope to post this in the next few days.  I hope it doesn't show any negativity, but just some thoughts of the running world from a newbie runner...I think this insight is going to help me in my marathon training to come....STAY TUNED!

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Tricia said...

great job on the run!

Nicole Joy said...

Awesome sub 30 on a 5k! That's my next goal I'm working on :-)

Staci Dombroski said...

Way to go on your run :)

Anonymous said...

great job on the run! Having a good run is one of the best feelings.

Heidi said...

good job on the negative splits!