Monday, May 17, 2010

Workout Goals for the Week...Plus Eating Fresh!

Happy Monday to everyone!  I had a great relaxing weekend, but did not have much motivation to work out...Not sure what my deal was.  I was suppose to get up and walk a 5K with my husband and son and a bunch of friends on Saturday morning for the American Heart Association, but because of the crappy weather and rain, we didn't go :(
So, instead of heading to the gym, like I should have, I hung out at home with my boys all day!  That night we made some yummy dinner and an amazing dessert, and rented Brothers.  It was an awesome movie!!!  I recommend it!
Sunday was another chill day, because my husband was suppose to have a softball game at 9am, so we drove the 30 minutes to the game, to then find out it was cancelled.:(
We did stop by my parents house for a little bit, and then headed home to hang out and relax.
I enjoyed the weekend, but I did feel lazy and unmotivated.  I knew I needed to get my butt up early this morning (which I did) and do my 30 Day Shred video (which I did)  This made me feel tons better!

So, to recap my workouts from last week, and my goals for this week:

Monday morning: 30 Day Shred
Monday evening: Body Combat
Tuesday evening: 30 Day Shred
Wednesday: off
Thursday evening: Body Pump
Friday morning: 30 Day Shred

Monday morning: 30 Day Shred (Check)
Monday evening: Body Combat
Tuesday evening: 30 Day Shred and 3 mile run
Wednesday evening: Body Combat and 3 mile run
Thursday morning: 30 Day Shred
Thursday evening: HAIR CUT (YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Friday: off
Saturday morning: 3 mile run and Body Combat
Sunday morning: 5K race at the St. Louis zoo

So, we will see how close I get to these goals...I am also really trying to watch what I eat; not only how much, but if it is fresh food and not processed.  I love reading Bobbi's blog HERE about how she eats, and she is such an inspiration.  I hope to be able to incorporate some of her healthy eating into what I do.

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Aneta said...

sounds like a nice relaxing weekend with the family!
i saw Brothers! it was a good movie.

good luck with ur goals this week!

Fashion Meets Food said...

good luck with your goals! You're doing fabulous! I am running my first 5k this month... its so scary to think about!


Bringing Pretty Back said...

what an adorable blog name! so cute! I love it!! great goals. inspiring!

Candice @ I Have Run said...

Sounds like a good weekend to me. And we all have those lack of motivation days. Looks like you are heading out of the slump with your week's goals!