Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Training Nutrition Session Coming Soon

I am really excited!  This Thursday night a friend of mine that is running Chicago has gotten a friend of a friend of hers to come over and do a training nutrition session with us.  She is a 4-time Iron Man Finisher and now a coach.  She normally charges $150+/hr, but for us she is going to do it for free!  She is hopefully going to tell us about what the best nutrition is during training, and what to eat before and after race day.
I am super excited!  I am hoping to also get some information on how to balance eating while training and trying to lose weight. 
I will let you guys all know what I learn, and hopefully I can help some of you with the same issues I am having!!!

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Aneta said...

let us know how it goes!

Velma said...

How fantastic!!!!

BTW, people on the Creve Coeur path can be idiots. I saw a mean cyclist this morning. Grr

Emz said...

completely awesome!! YAY YOU!!

Teamarcia said...

Can't wait to hear what she has to say...as you know I'm am struggling big time!