Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Running, Running and More Running....Oh Yeah and a Giveaway Winner!

Well, that is pretty much what I have been doing...RUNNING!  I am in week 5 of my training for the Chicago Marathon.  It has been going suprisingly good!  I have not missed a run, and our long run on Saturday of 10 miles in 90+ heat at 6ish in the morning turned out OK.  We started a little after 6am in Kirkwood, MO.  Kris had mapped out a run path through the area using Mapmyrun.com  It took us all around the area.  It started out good because it was mainly more of a downhill in the beginning in the shade.  But at around mile 4 we started to make the loop back to our cars, and we were running into the sun, with the sun beating down on us and it was uphill.  It was pretty darn tough.  We stopped a few times to make sure everyone stayed together, plus to drink some water.  There was another BIG hill around mile 8.5 that we ended up walking up.  We were walking faster than we could have ran it, so we didn't feel too bad doing this.  We ended the 10 miles at right around 1hr 42 minutes.  Not too bad considering how freakin hot it was!!!  I swear, we are going to have to start these longer runs at 4am to get them in before the heat pops out. 
I also ran both of my 4.5 milers last week and a 6 miler on my own. 
This week calls for 2-4.5 miles, 1-6 miler, 1-12 miler.
I got up at 4am yesterday morning and ran my first 4.5 miles on the treadmill before work.  I felt great!!  It is always so nice to have a day off (Sunday) and then run on fresh legs!  Last night I headed to Body Combat...I hadn't been in over a week and was missing it!  My legs were tired, so I concentrated more on my abs and arms. 
Today is speed work.  I am trying to decide whether or not I will head in to St. Louie to meet up with the girls for speed work, or if I will just go to our local track after my son goes to bed.  The training calls for 12x400's, so this wouldn't be too bad to do on my own.  What should I do???
One thing I wanted to ask everyone is about weight loss...I know everyone talks about this all of the time, but I am simply frustrated.  I just don't seem to lose ANY weight while running...I actually gain!  It is frustrating, because as much as I know I am getting toned, I still feel yucky, bloated and my clothes don't seem to fit any better.  What am I doing wrong?  I have started to count calories really closely, and drink plenty of water, but I really, really, really want to lose some weight during training.  I will feel better about myself, plus I know this will improve my running.  If anyone has any suggestions, please pass them on!!!  Please and thank you!
Ok, ok, ok...I know...the only reason you have read this long is to see who the winner of the 26.2 necklace is...soooo, after 80 entries, I used Random.org and the winner is:

(Yea, one of my favorite bloggers to follow) 
Congrats Tonia...please email me your address at: stephanie_walter0409@hotmail.com and I will mail it out to you! (Thank you to everyone who entered, and to Akemi at Fly Jewelry for hosting such a fun giveaway...check out her shop HERE)

Hope you are having a good running week so far, and please let me know if you have any good tips for losing weight during training!


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MarciaG said...

I am curently reading a book "Racing Weight" I just started it, but it is supoposed to tell you how to find your racing weight in a safe manner. How to lose weight and not negatively effect your race performance......it's worth a shot cuz I feel your pain in the fat/wekght loss department!!

Tricia said...

great job with your training!

Angela said...

I am having the same problem! Someone told me that I am not eating enough cals for the amount of running I am doingso my body is treating my cals as if I was starving. Weird concept, but sort of makes sense. I'm currently keeping a food/activity log and then will have it analyzed to see if that is actually the case. Maybe you aren't eating enough. I run 13 miles during the week and then a long on weekends, I should be losing!

Anonymous said...

Great job keeping up with the training even in this crazy heat! :)

Emz said...

YAY Tonia, super jealous! SUPER. JEALOUS.
I really just try to only eat when hungry [other than the right after running eatting which is a MUST for recovery].

Berryfine said...

Hey! I have a personal trainer and I was STUCK on the scale and in terms of feeling healthy until she revamped my nutrition. It is less about calories and more about what you are eating. I have her entire breakdown on my own blog which I will link below but the basic fact is you need to be eating 5-6 small meals a day that consist of at least 15 g of protein. The easiest way to do this is with protein shakes. I'd be more than happy to email with you to discuss further but here is the link to where I posted her email:http://fromfat2fab2009.blogspot.com/2010/05/cassandras-nutrition-guidelines.html

Kerrie T. said...

A couple good things I read recently about running and weight loss:

1. It's still all about calories in and calories out. Make sure you are burning more than you are consuming. -- From an article in Runner's World

2. Eat like you are poor. -- from "Born to Run"

Hang in there. :)

bobbie said...

Great Job on the training!! I am like everyone else, I can't lose it either!!

Melissa said...

Yippee for Tonia!! :)
I agree with the calories in/calories out thing. I know that I am famished when I run and in my mind I try to justify crappy food choices. I treat myself once or twice a week to an awesome meal (i.e. Japanese food or BBQ) but I try during the week to eat my same old breakfast, snacks, and lunches.

Crystal said...

Everyone is different with weight. It took a very long time to finally see "results" when I started to get back into running after recovering from massive foot surgery. When I finally started to see results- it was after I started keeping a food diary. I wasn't counting calories- but I was keeping track of everything I ate (even when I snuck pb out of the jar with a spoon...). I did that for about 4-6 months. Once I started to feel like I had a handle on things and figured out where I could cut snacks- I started losing more weight. It's absent minded snacking that really gets me. It's stuff you forget about by the end of the day because it was only 2 crackers here or there.

My advice is to start a food diary and not get so hung up on counting calories. Don't deny yourself things you love (like me.. i LOVE chocolate) because if you do- you'll binge badly! Start slowly with the diary and start paying attention to your portion sizes and maybe skip a 2nd serving at dinner. It's just the little things that add up.

sorry, this is so long- but I felt so alone when I was struggling and I want to help others. I have lost 35-40lbs and am pretty much at my goal weight now and it was all by just eating healthy, exercising and watching my portions.. and yes.. I still eat chocolate... and ice cream! :-)

Megan said...

I was having the same problem, exercising way more than I had before and not loosing anything. But I was overeating. Fast food, lots of meat and sweets. I started weight watchers (which is essentially cal counting) and it's started to come off.

Josh said...

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