Monday, March 8, 2010


Well, this weekend we ran our long run on Saturday instead of Sunday. I met Sarah at 7am Saturday morning at Grant's Trail. The weather was AMA-ZING! It was sunny and 28 degrees when we started. This was Sarah's 2nd long outside run...(Becki was in Florida watching the Cardinals WIN at spring training...we missed her!) Sarah was worried that we would need water during our run, so I told her I would carry a water bottle for us to share. (I really want to look into getting one of the Golite Water Bottles that Tall Mom has blogged about) Starting out, the water bottle was full, and made my hands cold, even though I had gloves on.

The first 4 miles went by in no time at all. We were using Sarah's Nike Tracker thing that she has in her shoe that goes through her I-pod...not sure how accurate it was??? I think we stopped soon on the first half, and Sarah said we could run more, if I wanted, but I told her we could make up the difference on the way back. So, we both downed some Gu and drank some water (VERY nice to have a drink of water after our Gu this week!) and then we headed back.

Again, the time went by very quickly, and I could tell that Sarah was enjoying this run a lot more than last weeks run.

Once we got close to where we had started, Sarah said that her thingie was saying we were at 8 miles...I knew we weren't yet, so I told her..."let's keep going" so we continued on and ended up running over a bridge, and then came to a portion where the trail ended...we continued onto the road...I could tell Sarah was getting a little tired, and I wasn't sure how far we had run, so I told her..."let's run up that hill, and then we can be done" So, we took off and made it!

Afterwards, we walked back to our stretching spot. The temps were in the mid-30's by then, but it felt like 60...It was AMAZ-ING!

We were talking about the run, and I kept saying that I wasn't for sure how far we had really run, not sure if it was a full 8 miles (It just seemed TOO easy for me, but again, this could be because I am getting better at my runs, and they ARE starting to get easier!) Sarah turned to me and said..."Let's just say it was the full 8 miles", just like that my mind was set...WE RAN 8 MILES!!! See pic below from the aftermath....

Here is a pic of my and my son from last Tuesday night right before my 3 mile run. I have my new Bondi Band on that I bought from Katye! So super cute! I just love it and can't wait to get more. Check them out at Katye's blog at: http://http//

The rest of the weekend was spent with my boys! On Saturday we had a fun family day at the park and on Sunday we went on a long walk in the afternoon and played ball outside. It was sooo much fun and makes me want spring to be here sooo much quicker.

All in all it was a GREAT weekend! My husband took off today to paint my son's playroom...It is going to be Lime Green...Can't wait!
One cool thing that happened this weekend...Last weekend when I made my decision to start the 30 Day Shred, I told a few ladies that I work with (still waiting for it to come in the mail...can't wait to start the program!)
Well, last night I was at Walmart with my son and husband, and I ran into one of the ladies I work with. One of the first things she mentions to me is that she found the 30 Day Shred video at Walmart (why didn't I think to just go there to get it???) and it was only $9. She was going to start the next day. This morning she came into my office to let me know that she got up at 5am and did Level 1, and it kicked her butt!!!! But she was sooo glad she did it (she hasn't worked out in years) and is also starting a eating program to help her lose weight....and the best thing is, I AM HER MOTIVATION! So, so, so cool! (The one thing she doesn't know, is now she is my motivation! I can't wait to talk about our 30 Day Shred workouts together etc.)
Have a great day! I have my 5 Mile St. Patty's Day Run this Saturday and then a 9 miler on Sunday! Can't wait! I'm crossing my fingers for sun!!!
Run with ya soon,


EricaH said...

Sounds like a great run and weekend. I tried the Shred only made it through 21 days ( i went on vacation for two weeks and it just threw my whole program off) but i really liked it hard but in a good way. Congrats on winning my giveaway i just need you to email me your shipping information at and I will get it out to you this week. :)

Sunflower Kisses said...

Looks like you are getting stronger at running. Great job. It is nice to have someone to push you a little bit more. :)

jamie @ sweatyhugs said...

Yay for an awesome 8 miles! You gals are kicking butt. I really want one of those Bondi bands. Will def. check them out. Good luck with the 30-day shred. Jillian def. gives you a great workout!

Melissa said...

Awesome run. 8 miles!!!!
You look gorgeous and have a beautiful family. What a cute little guy!!
Good luck on the Shred. It's brutal!

OutsidePR said...

Do they talk about the Hydroclutch from GoLite? I will send you one.....e-mail me at :)

Katye said...

the little one is so cute! and the bondi looks great on you!