Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunny Sunday....7 Mile Run!

Sarah, Becki and Me after our 7 mile run~
This week we actually had sun!!! Yea! We met for our third week of 1/2 marathon training at Grant's Trail at 7am. A first time runner (with us) and first time runner outside (she has been training on a treadmill), Sarah, joined us on Sunday. She will be running the 1/2 marathon in April with us, so it was SO much fun to have her train with us! She was a little nervous, but she did GREAT!

The weather was approx. 28 degrees and SUNNY! I was so happy to see the sun as I left my house around 6:15am on Sunday morning. I was really looking forward to the run, especially since I had had a really bad workout and run the day before. I knew today HAD to be better!

We ran the first 3.5 miles pretty easily! The sun was beaming down on us, so we all actually got a little warm. At the half way point we stopped and downed some Gu and took back off. On the run back, the sun was behind us, and we were running into the wind and cold. It made it a little uncomfortable and more difficult to run. But we sucked it up and finished at 1hr 10min. I was sooo proud of us! "Sweetmates" 7 mile run! (old college lingo)

As we were stretching I asked Sar how she felt...she answered..."Ask me later!"

About 10 minutes later as we were taking our post-running pic, Sar turned to us and said..."I am feeling really good now!"

SUCCESS! A first time "outside" runner and she did it...and me and Beck were there with her each step of the way!

Next weekend Beck will be out of town in Florida (JEALOUS!) so me, Sarah and possibly Kris will be meeting at Grant's Trail on Saturday for an 8 mile run! Can't wait!

Only 1 month, 1 week and 3 days until race day! CRAZY!!!!


Jen said...

Way to stick it out. I know how hard turn arounds can be. Glad you had friends to do it with you.


Good job on the run! It's so great to run with friends. Love your picture. You guys are too cute!

jamie @ sweatyhugs said...

Awesome run w/friends! Glad the first time outdoor runner had such a great experience too. You gals are going to kick butt come April!

Updating My Status... said...

Wish I had some cute green creative advice for you, hope you find something awesome! I love the above outfits, really cute!