Friday, March 19, 2010

Website Scam...Please don't use...

Good Friday morning! I am a little disappointed and ticked off today! I mentioned a few weeks ago that I ordered the 30 Day Shred online, and was so excited to receive it and start using it. Well....I still don't have it!
I ordered it from a company called on 3/4/10. The follow up email I received said they would process and ship my order is 1-2 business days. Well, 13 days later, I still don't have it. I have tried emailing the company, and also left a message for them. Today I tried calling again, and their 866 number is stating that the mailbox is full??? WTF
I googled more about the company and have read about alot of complaints like mine, where people NEVER receive their package. This is soooo disheartening! They did have good prices, but it is starting to look like this company is a scam!

I just wanted to put it out there to anyone that might run across this
Don't use them. I have a feeling, I am out my $9.73, plus I don't have my 30 Day Shred! :(

Anyhoo...I did get to the gym last night and did a 60 minute Body Pump class, and then jumped on the treadmill for a 3 mile run. Tomorrow we are scheduled to run 10 miles. We are meeting at 6:30am, and they are calling for rain and snow...crossing my fingers it holds off!

Have a great week, and watch out for shady companies...So sad!!!:(


Jen said...

This stinks.... sorry. Way to get to the gym.

Melissa said...

Okay, first off, how did you pay? paypal? File a complaint. Debit card or credit card? - call and block the payment and report them.

Finally, Wal*Mart - $10 or Target $10. :)

So sorry!!

Stephanie said...

Melissa, You are sooo right...Why didn't I just buy it at Target????
I did, just today call my bank. They have filed a complaint for me and we WILL be fighting it! Thanks for the help!

EricaH said...

Sorry that really blows. But way to get it in at the gym. Have a great weekend.

Allie said...

I was pretty much going to say what Melissa said. Sorry about the scam.

Lisa said...

That seriously sucks, but thanks for sharing the info. I hate scammers. So cruel. I've heard great things about 30 day shred though. If you do get it, can't wait to hear what you think.

Wow, just read on the sidebar you're doing your first half and full this year! That's awesome, congrats! Just don't add too many miles too quickly. It's exciting and you might want too, but you'll risk injury and that would not be good! Stick to a good plan!