Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Road ID...Or Not Road ID...That is the Question?

I was heading out for one of my runs last week. It was around 7:30pm (had to wait until my son went to bed), so needless to say it was dark. My husband always gets a little worried about me running alone at night, but that is one of the only ways to get my runs in.
So, he hands me a flashlight to carry with me as he tells me his normal concerns...be careful, don't get run over etc. I turned to him and said..."what I really need is a Road ID?"
Him not being a runner I explained to him what it was and what I had read about them....I told him that if I would get run over, they would be able to identify me by my Road ID. Well, of course his response is..."You better not get run over...."

So, my question is, how important is having a Road ID when you are running outside? I do quite a few runs outside, and with the weather getting nicer, I'm sure I will do plenty more. I would like to see what others have to say about the pros/cons of a Road ID....

Have a great day!
Run with you later,


Lisa said...

I have a Road ID and I also have mace but I don't run in the dark. If you are running in the dark I would get a reflective vest and some mace. Be safe out there.

Melissa said...

I can't think of a single con actually. Did you read my Road ID review (sometime last week I think)?
Comfy...I wear mine most every day anyway. My brother (a cop) thinks is AWESOME and would be great in the event of a car accident as well.
I got the Road ID Interactive. (Elite)
Pros - Emergency reponse people get info right away to help you ASAP and have contact information to your loved ones ASAP as well.
As a law enforcement officer, he is totally sold on the Road ID.
Anyway, I'm giving one away, so GO REGISTER!!!!!!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I have the Road ID anklet and love it. Just gives me piece of mind so that if the worst were to happen my family would know.

Valerie said...

Hey Stephanie! That's so awesome you'll be running your first half. I really love the distance in the half marathon...for me it's perfect. I feel like I'm getting a great workout that's challenging without training for 5 months like a full marathon...LOL. I'm really excited to the Go! STL half. I've never done that one before but have a lot of friends in the area (one of which is running her first half too!), so it was an easy decision for me. What pace are you running? Maybe I'll run into you there!

EricaH said...

I agree I don't think there is a bad thing about having one, I personally don't own one but would like to. I look at it like insurance it is better to have it and not need it, than to not have it and need it.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog because the title caught my attention. Seriously, best (and safest) $20 you could spend. I cannot think of one reason NOT to have one. You don't want anything to be thinking "wish she would have had a road id" when it is too late!

Velma said...

Hello. I am a new commenter. I just found your blog. Are you from the StL? For some reason, you look familiar (now I sound like a stalker). Nice blog. I am also running the StL half and Chicago :)

Anonymous said...

There isn't any cons at all, in my book, for having a RoadID...runner or not! I got one for my wife for Christmas (she has a medical condition). It's peace of mind, whether she is at work, or at the gym, or out running errands with our son.

I got one for myself as well because I refuse to run on a dreadmill, and therefore am outside running. And I run day and/or night, unfortunately in some sometimes high traffic area. While I'm ever alert, that doesn't mean that something won't happen. Even not worrying about being run over by a car (nearly been hit more times than I can count, on bike and running), who is to say I don't have some sort of unknown medical condition?

For the price, to me, it's a non-issue. And I'm broke to begin with. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie. A Road ID is a Running Essential. I live, work and run in the Presidio of San Francisco. A few years ago, a girl my age was it by a car on her morning run just a few hundred yards from where I am typing this now. Unfortunately, the injuries she sustained were too big, and she died in the hospital. The worst part is that aside from the presence of her medical team, she died alone. No one could identify her to alert her family in time. They couldn't find her medical history, her emergency contacts, her allergies, anything...
Her parents were in their home in Arizona when they got the call about their 27 year-old daughter. (They were traced through her iPod (via Apple), but hours and hours later.)

I run her route almost every single day, probably tracing some of her very footsteps. I wear a Road ID because I want someone or something to be able to speak for me if, heaven forbid, I can't speak for myself.

My name is Devon, and I work for OutsidePR. You might have noticed a few Road ID giveaways in the blogoshere lately. Road ID is one of my clients, but I'd wear one even if they weren't. Every runner should wear one. Give me a shout anytime, I'd love to provide you with a Road ID. devon - at - outsidepr - dot - com